In the words of William Cory, an Eton Master, who wrote that

"a great school is not just knowledge that is acquired, not even the shadow of lost
knowledge that later protects you from many illusions but most importantly the
arts and habits that last for a lifetime".

It is our aim to continue to emulate this compelling ethos at Bramdean to encourage
pupils to be self confident, enquiring, tolerant, positive and well rounded characters
with independent minds and individuals who respect the differences of others. By the
time they leave the school we want pupils to have that true sense of self-worth which
will enable them to stand up for themselves and for a purpose greater than themselves,
and, in doing so, be of value to society.



+ The Bramdean Recorder + NEWSFLASH + Head of Games Keith Brown has returned to the fold following his sabbatical in New Zealand as Head Coach of Nelson Cricket Association + NEWSFLASH + Bramdean is offering valuable choral scholarships and bursaries to new entrants between the ages of 8-11 + NEWSFLASH + The Bramdean expedition to South Africa is currently on hold + NEWSFLASH + Bramdean Sports Coach Keith Brown takes part in a star-studded cricket match at Lords Cricket Ground + NEWSFLASH + Investing in Science - Bramdean School in the forefront of teaching science specializing in Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology + NEWSFLASH +