AS/A Level Geography

Toned Area

Edexcel Advanced Level Geography encourages students to gain enjoyment, satisfaction and a sense of achievement as they develop their knowledge and understanding of the subject. This A Level course (or AS Level for some) will enable students to be inspired by their geographical understanding, to engage critically with real world issues and places, and to apply their geographical knowledge, theory and skills to the world around them. Students will grow as independent thinkers and as informed and engaged citizens, who understand the role and importance of geography as one of the key disciplines relevant to understanding the world’s changing peoples, places and environments.

Modules and Assessment

From September 2017 students will follow the Edexcel AS and A Level Courses

AS and A Level Students will complete the following units in the first year, allowing for some students to be entered for the AS at the end of Year 12 (a stand-alone qualification – the AS no longer contributes to the A Level examination):

  • Area of study 1 Dynamic Landscapes (Exam: Paper 1 - 1hour 45 minutes 50% of exam including 1 day physical geography fieldwork)
  • Area of study 2 Dynamic Places (Exam: Paper 2 - 1hour 45 minutes 50% of exam including 1 day human geography fieldwork)

A Level Students will also complete the following units in the second year, allowing students to be entered for the A Level at the end of Year 13:

 Area of study 3: Physical Systems and Sustainability

  • Area of study 4: Human Systems and Geopolitics


Paper 1 - Assessment of Dynamic Landscapes and Physical Systems and Sustainability

2hrs 15 minutes 30%

Paper2 - Assessment of Dynamic Places and Human Systems and Geopolitics

2hrs 15 minutes 30%

Paper 3 - Synoptic investigation of a contemporary geographical issue

2hrs 15 minutes 20%

Coursework - An independent investigation (3000-4000 words) 20%. In addition, there is a minimum 4 days fieldwork required for each student.