AS/A Level History

Candidates will be expected to demonstrate an understanding of the complexity of issues and themes within an historic period and to distinguish and assess different approaches to the past and interpretations of opinions about the past. They will also learn how to express awareness of historical concepts, such as 'change and continuity' and 'cause and effect in the past', and present clear, concise, logical and relevant arguments. They will evaluate source material as historical evidence.

Modules and Assessment

Following the OCR course, A-Level candidates study four components (terminally examined) and AS candidates study two. These modules involve the study of two hundred years of History and include choices from the following:
Modern European and World History: 1745 - 1990
Modern British History: 1745 - 1980

Presently candidates are studying early twentieth century British History (Britain 1900-1951) and The American Revolution and the birth of the USA, 1740-1801.

The AS course concludes with two examination papers, each of one and a half hours duration.
In their A2 year, candidates complete a coursework module (from material largely of their own choosing) and one 2 hour examination.

The present students will study Russian Rulers 1855- 1989 for this paper: it examines themes of continuity and change throughout the period and uses a synoptic approach to compare and contrast the historical development which occurred.


This course is suitable for students wishing to pursue a career in all branches of Humanities, Law, Modern Languages and Business Studies.
The high standard of English and understanding of political institutions required for this course ensures that it demonstrates logical thinking and literary awareness.