AS/A Level Law

The course provides grounding in the main principles of law prevailing in England and Wales. Candidates are encouraged to develop their knowledge, understanding and critical awareness of the structure, personnel and operation of the English Legal System. They study three areas of substantive law; the law of contract, tort and criminal law. Throughout the course candidates are encouraged and expected to develop their skills of analysis and problem solving through the application of legal rules.

Modules and Assessment

1: Law Making and the Legal System
2: The Concept of Liability
3: Criminal Law
4: Law of Tort


Assessment is by way of one written paper in each of the four modules with each paper lasting 1 hour 30 minutes. The papers are a mix of essay and problem solving questions.


This A-Level should not necessarily be seen as a requirement for those wishing to read law at university. Many universities do not require their undergraduates to have studied law at either GCSE or A-Level. It does, however, serve as an introduction to the subject and provides students with an opportunity to discover if Law is a subject they may wish to read. The course provides plenty of opportunities to gain experience in critical thinking and writing, analysis and problem solving. The skills developed within this course will be invaluable to any ndergraduate reading for an academic degree.