AS/A Level Mathematics

Mathematics is commonly thought of as the language of science, engineering and statistics, but in truth it pervades every aspect of our lives, from production of the food we eat to the understanding of nature, the design and building of our physical environment and the smooth functioning of our social structures. Studying A-Level Mathematics opens doors to more university courses and careers than any other subject.

The school is using the EDEXCEL specification for its A-Level Mathematics studies. This specification provides a progression of topics from GCSE through AS to A-Level and beyond, with the content chosen to provide a balanced and stimulating study.

AS Maths is offered at Bramdean as well as the full two year course.

AS Level Mathematics

Paper 1 Pure Mathematics

2 hours - 100 marks

Paper 2 Mechanics and Statistics

1 hour - 50 marks

A Level Mathematics

Paper 1 Pure mathematics

2 hours - 100 marks

AS level pure mathematics content same content as AS paper 1 but tested at A level demand.

Paper 2 Pure Mathematics

2 hours - 100 marks

Remaining A level pure mathematics content - AS content is assumed knowledge and can be tested.

Paper 3 Mechanics and Statisitcs

2 hours - 100 marks

A qualification in Mathematics demonstrates an ability to deal with complex ideas, solve problems and assimilate abstract new concepts.
This is exactly what an employer wants. It is therefore not surprising that Mathematics graduates are highly sought-after in all fields where reasoning, logic and numbers may play a role. As mathematics is the language of the sciences, an A-Level in Mathematics is a prerequisite for any further study in a scientific or technical field. The world of high finance runs on mathematical modeling, and Mathematics graduates can therefore look forward to higher than average earnings in later life.

Success in A-Level mathematics depends on hard work, perseverance and ability. Employers know that and value people with an A-Level in mathematics.

Please follow the link to full specification details Edexcel A Level Mathematics