Bursaries and Scholarships

Academic Scholarships

Subject to candidates of academic promise and potential presenting themselves, the headmistress awards three scholarships a year on the results of the examinations at the ages of 11+, 12+ and 13+

Sixth Form

Attractive reductions in A-level fees are available for new entrants achieving A-A* in core academic subjects at GCSE. 


Sporting Bursaries

Bramdean has a fine sports and games record.  Sporting bursaries are available to those boys and girls who are able to prove ability in their chosen sport.  

Minimum entry requirement  is proven club and/or county participation.

To be considered for a sporting bursary, applicants attend a trial with the relevant head of sport at Bramdean.

Places are available for boys and girls aged 8 - 12 years.


Music Awards

Pupils demonstrating particular promise in music may be considered for a music scholarship examination. This takes place in conjunction with the open voice trials for choral scholarships in the chapel and concert choir held annually.  

Choral Awards

Bramdean school has a long established reputation for music and choral singing.  

We offer Choral awards up to 50% of day tuition fees to chorally gifted boys and girls aged 8-12 years.  

Pupils will have the opportunity to receive an outstanding education at Bramdean, in addition to  instrumental and vocal lessons from professional teachers.  They will take an active part in the various musical activities within the school.  (The awards can be tenable  up to the completion of GCSEs subject to performance.)


Instrumental Awards

A limited number of Instrumental awards (up to 50% of tuition fees)  are available throughout the year.  All awards can be tenable up to the completion of GCSE examinations subject to performance.

Minimum entry requirement is grade III.

Places available for boys and girls aged 8 - 12 years.

 Please email  info@bramdeanschool.com for application details on all scholarships and bursaries.