Kindergarten & Pre-Prep


At Bramdean we aim to provide every child with a positive introduction to school life in a safe, secure and happy environment. This is an exciting step in a child’s development and our over-riding ambition is to nurture their natural curiosity and inspire a life-long love of learning. Our Kindergarten sets children on a path that influences their subsequent learning and educational achievement. For most children, Kindergarten represents the first step in a journey through the world of schooling.

Developing children’s physical well-being, social development, cognitive skills and knowledge as well as how they approach learning, are all aspects we work towards in a positive and fun way. Our exciting mix of classroom and play ensures that children have the best possible start to their school life.

During a typical day, children engage in a wide range of activities such as play, music, story-time, painting, puzzles, the sand pit, building blocks, dance and role-play. The aim of our Kindergarten and Pre-Preparatory program is to provide a strong foundation from which children can grow to become active participants in life-long learning.


2019/20 Kindergarten timetable

We aim to encourage children to:

• Develop confidence in themselves and their ability to learn
• Demonstrate curiosity and the ability to focus their attention
• Acquire a level of communicative competence that is personally satisfying
• Acquire social skills and abilities which enable them to relate to other children and adults
• Remain true to their individual natures and free to develop their own potential.



We use several reading schemes in English, integrated with workbooks, flashcards and other resource material. Experience has shown that different children respond to different schemes and we strive to find the ones which will prove most stimulating and interesting. Spelling, comprehension and composition are introduced as reading ability improves. A stimulating mathematics curriculum has been created by applying both traditional and modern approaches.
The more general subjects of religious knowledge, computer science, nature, history and geography are explored in class, with individual and project work. Languages and science are also introduced. Lessons are planned in order to stimulate interest and thought. Music, art and craft, drama, ballet and swimming are just some of the activities children start in this department.

Homework is set each day once a certain standard has been reached. In the beginning, this will amount to a little reading or writing practice, it gradually builds as children get older.


Play is seen as an important part of our kindergarten and pre-preparatory program as it helps to build many skills.  With opportunities to play and work cooperatively with classmates, pupils can share knowledge and learn through exploration and problem solving in a safe, secure environment.