Leeds College of Music Jazz Day


Some keen instrumentalists from Bramdean had the wonderful experience of attending a workshop and concert by the Leeds College of Music Jazz Department, who were touring the southwest. The purpose of the tour was to introduce young musicians to the language of jazz, through practical experience.

Our musicians attended ensemble and improvisation sessions with a Jazz Band of students from several schools, led by the Leeds College of Music. This introduced them to invaluable musical skills and gave them the opportunity of hearing wind, brass and percussion instruments live. They all performed in the session, even though several of them had only had a couple of lessons. They learnt about the 12 bar blues structure and how to improvise.

In the evening, the staff and students of The Leeds College of Music Jazz Department performed a concert of high quality jazz, including some well-known ‘jazz standards”. This gave our musicians an insight into what they will be able to do when they are more experienced and it certainly inspired them.

Mrs Lowles