Senior School Activity Day

Monday 8th July 2019

Years 7 -10 enjoyed a healthy and energetic activity day in the last week of term. One group of pupils kayaked from Exeter Quay to the Double Locks and back, under the expert guidance of Dr Ibbs and Ms Garton.

Some were in double and some single kayaks and most needed a change of clothes afterwards after either ‘falling’ in or getting ‘accidentally’ splashed. Mrs A, Dr Eloff and Ms Sharp were on the footpath with the walkers and keeping a close eye on the ‘paddlers’.

The other group cycled along the cycle path, from the Quay to Turf Locks and back, with Mr Gosse, Mrs Lowles and Mr Brown in attendance.  They enjoyed refreshments before returning. 

After lunch on the Quay, we crossed the river and made our way to the Ten Pin Bowling complex, where the children showed off some different skills.
Everyone participated with much enthusiasm and thoroughly enjoyed the day. Well done!

Keith Brown