Sports Day

For the first time in many years we did not have to worry about the rain and damp conditions! In fact, keeping the children out of the searing heat and adequately hydrated was the main concern.

Representing their house, the children competed in 49 events, including both track and field, sack and three-legged races and tug of war.

The strong Vikings squad were the comprehensive winners.   Congratulations to them!

Everyone competed with a fantastic spirit, showing support for their fellow housemates and sportsmanship towards the opposition.  This was incapsulated when one of the older girls gave her medal to a younger child who was without one.

The parents were invited to race in a 70m sprint and responded with enthusiasm and impressive pace with Mr Rajakovich-Garcia winning gold.

The staff relay team took on a parents' team to add to the competition with the staff just getting over the line first.  rumour has it that the parents have already started training for next year!