Summer Sounds Concert

What a wonderful way to celebrate the summer! This, the last concert of the year, was a real triumph and the continually rising standard of performances, combined with the obvious pride and enjoyment our pupils have in contributing, continues to delight our full and appreciative audiences.

The concert consisted of a variety of impressive performances sung by the Chapel Choir, interspersed with items by the Junior Choir and Forms 3 & 3A and some soloists.

There was a diverse range of musical styles, ranging from sacred to secular, by composers from Bach to Scott Joplin.

The quality of the Chapel Choir’s singing displays a high level of musicianship and they should be congratulated on learning such an array of music throughout the year. The Junior Choirs performed with their characteristic energy and enthusiasm, delighting in ‘telling the story’ with actions as well as words.

Solo performances were on a variety of instruments, including saxophone, voice, piano, guitar and violin. There was also an original piece, written for voice and piano by Emma West, as part of her GCSE Music coursework. A beautiful song in modified ternary form, employed a variety of compositional techniques and displayed attractive and effective vocal writing.

Many thanks to the team of Visiting Music Teachers for their dedication and commitment to the pupils and the Department, in particular Ms Bennett and Mr Phillips for their work with the choirs, and to all the staff at Bramdean for their support and help in making events such as these such a success.