Concert and Chapel Choir



Boys with changing or changed voices, and girls in Year 9 and above, who sing in our Concert and Chapel Choir are known as Senior Choristers, and are usually awarded their black academic gowns in their first Choir Term. Senior Choristers are given the privilege of greater flexibility in terms of rehearsal schedules and attendance, in recognition of their increased academic workload, and they participate in some events not open to the younger Choristers. 

All Bramdean Choristers benefit from a varied musical, educational and social experience, and enjoy singing music in a variety of styles, from plainsong to pop. With no regular weekend commitments, they are also able to pursue many other extra-curricular interests.

The Choir Director is always pleased to hear from potential Senior Choristers and is happy to arrange an audition at any time of an academic year. Whilst Senior Choristers are often former Cathedral or Chapel Choristers, no previous experience is necessary. Similarly, whilst the ability to read music is an advantage, it is not a necessity; what is needed is the ability to sing in tune, the ability to count, a willingness to learn, try different styles and be part of a team, and an enjoyment of music and singing.

Choral Scholarships and Bursaries are available to suitable candidates.

The boy choristers of the Bramdean School Chapel Choir sing the words of Psalm 104 from the Book of Common Prayer (1662) verses 1 to 23. This was a live recording dating from 1994 and is from the album, Melodies Of Meditation.