Fixtures & Results

Bramdean School Senior Sports Fixtures – Spring Term 2018




Tues 9th = U14 Football vs. Clyst Vale - Away 3.30pm

Tues 9th = U14 Netball vs. Exeter School - Away 4.00pm

 Tues 16th = U15 Netball vs. Queen’s College - Away 3.00pm

 Thurs 18th = U14 Football vs. Trinity - Away 3.00pm

Thurs 18th = U15 Netball vs. Trinity - Home 3.30pm

Mon 22nd = U15 Badminton vs. Tiverton High School - Away 4.00pm

Tues 23rd = U14/U15 Football vs. Shebbear - Home 2.15pm

Tues 23rd = U15 Netball vs. St Peter’s CoE - Away 4.00pm

Tues 30th = U14 Football vs. St John’s - Away 2.30pm




Thurs 1st = U15 Netball vs. Plymouth College - Away 2.30pm

Tues 6th = U14/U15 Football vs. Tiverton High School - Away 3.30pm

Tues 6th = U12 and U15 Netball vs. Clyst Vale - Away 4.00pm

 Mon 19th = U15 Netball vs. St Luke’s - Away 4.00pm

Tues 20th = U14 Football vs. Stover - Away 2.30pm

Tues 20th = U13 Football vs. Trinity - Home 3.30pm

 Wed 21st = U15 Badminton vs. Tiverton High School - Home 4.00pm

Wed 21st = KS3 Table Tennis Competition at St Luke’s School - 4.00pm

Thurs 22nd = U16 Netball vs. St Wilfrid’s - Home 4.00pm

Tues 27th = U15 Netball vs. Queen Elizabeth - Away 3.30pm

Tues 27th = U14/U15 Football vs. Blundell’s - Away 4.00pm



 Mon 5th = U15 Netball vs. Mount Kelly - Away 4.00pm

 Thurs 8th = U15 Netball vs. Trinity - Home 3.30pm

Thurs 8th = U16 Football vs. Trinity - Home 4.00pm

Tues 13th = U15 Netball vs. St John’s - Away 2.30pm

 Thurs 15th = U14/U15 Football vs. Plymouth College - Home 2.45pm

Thurs 15th = U16 Netball vs. St Wilfrid’s - Home 4.00pm

Mon 19th = U12 and U15 Netball vs. St Luke’s - Away 4.00pm

Tues 20th = U15 Netball vs. St James’ - Away 4.00pm

Tues 20th = Swimming Gala at Exeter School - 4.00pm

Thurs 22nd = U15 Football vs. Trinity - Home 4.00pm


**Please be aware that more fixtures are still to be confirmed.


 Games Report – Autumn Term 2017


This term has seen 82 competitive fixtures completed in rugby and hockey throughout the various age groups. The results are as follows:


Rugby =   Played 55   Won 28   Drawn 4 Lost 23

Hockey =   Played 27   Won 11   Drawn 2 Lost 14

Overall =   Played 82   Won 39   Drawn 6 Lost 37


 U14 Rugby:

 Firstly, we’d like to say a massive thank you to all the boys who played this season for their attitude, behaviour and commitment no matter what the result. This is a spirited group of players; they work hard for one another and as the term progressed their confidence grew and they developed an ability to read the game and established a greater understanding of the technical aspects.


Cassius Bowman and Douglas Whiteman in particular stepped up and improved immeasurably having not played any competitive rugby last season. Reece Cummings, who took on the captaincy after Thomas Gulley’s unfortunate injury, marshalled the forwards and backs and impressed with his work rate, defence and ball carrying abilities. Finally, Jacob Lee, Bradley Hunt, Joseph Wreford and Lukas Soeller were committed members of the team who worked well throughout the season.


With many players suffering from injuries and niggles throughout the season we worked well together to produce a few impressive performances, even when perhaps the score line didn’t reflect it. They still have much to work on and develop for next year, but we are confident that their fortunes will turn and the boys will flourish.


U15 Hockey:

 This has certainly been a season of two halves. A slow start saw us lose our first four games and moral was definitely taking a hit. Following the half term break and a tweak to the team formation, the girls produced a number of impressive performances; an absorbing close win against Queen’s College and attritional draw’s against Exeter School and Plymouth College.


All in all we believe that the girls worked hard throughout the term and gave a good account of themselves in the majority of their fixtures. However, we hope that next year they will have greater desire to practice and improve their skill level. The girls are now more difficult to play against, but it will take a combined effort both in lessons and after school if they are to build upon the solid platform that has been established.


Final Reflections


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our parents, relatives and friends who do support us in everything we do and in a manner of ways, every little helps and it all adds up to make a huge difference to us and the pupils. Without your help and support we simply would not be able to run the number of teams and activities that we do.


We have enjoyed a successful term and been very competitive in the majority of our sporting fixtures, but to gain further success and sustain it, we must foster a culture of hard work. Hard work that begins in all lessons and training sessions after school, with members of each squad consistently attending and putting in 100% effort at all times.


We would wish this culture of hard work to be instilled not only on the sports field, but also off it, and to complement and drive academic success also. The above should not come at the expense of academic endeavour, but instead should work alongside it. Our pupils are smart, ambitious and hardworking, when their minds are put to it. Neither academia nor sport should be a scape goat for the other, but more of a catalyst for each other, driving the other on.


We know academic results are important for the future of the pupils, but sport and extra-curricular activities are a huge part of what makes our pupils so special. It is what makes them well-rounded young people that leave us ready for the world. Following the highs and agonising lows of a Bramdean School sporting term, we thought Tom Fordyce’s conclusion was apt: “Who wants to go through life insulated from emotion? Sport – the winning, the losing, the hoping, the hating, the tension and the despair and the very occasional ecstatic moment – opens us up to feeling alive”.


Bramdean School Sports Results – Autumn Term 2017


Boys’ Rugby

 U14 v Colyton Grammar ‘A’ – lost 15 - 45

U14 v Colyton Grammar ‘B’ – lost 15 - 20

U13 v Exeter School ‘B’ – drew 5 - 5

U14 v Queen Elizabeth ‘A’ – lost 15 - 50

U14 v Queen Elizabeth ‘B’ – won 45 - 35

 U13 v Exeter Cathedral ‘B’ – won 65 - 45

 U13 v Mount Kelly – lost 45 - 60

U13 v Stover – lost 20 - 50

U14 v Exeter School ‘B’ – won 60 - 20

U14 v Stover – lost 20 - 50

U14 v Plymouth College – lost 20 - 60

 U13 v Taunton School ‘A’ – drew 15 - 15

U13 v Taunton School ‘B’ – won 20 - 0

U13 v The Park School – won 55 - 15


Girls’ Hockey


U14 v Plymouth College – lost 1 - 8

U15 v Queen’s College ‘B’ – won 2 - 1

 U15 v Stover – lost 0 - 8

 U14 v Mount Kelly – lost 2 - 3